2017 Summer Meeting Event

Thanks to everyone who came together to make this event fun and functional...Our President Corey Goss always goes the extra  mile.

Our Host's Kim & Teresa Gibson are fabulous people with the humblest of hearts. Thank you to them for a great party. Your place is breath taking and so relaxing. Your heart is where your home is and you can feel it there.

Our Fishing/Bow-Fishing Tournament was awesome! It was so windy but it didn't seem to bother the kids. The Bow-Fishers hung in there and fished the whole tournament and came back wind blown and sun burned...and they looked a little worn down from fighting the wind all day. Our winner of the Bow-Fishing is Wyatt Crocker...He gets to go to Texas and shoot some Alligator Gar. All the other Bow-Fishers got stuff as well, thanks to our awesome friends from FeraDyne, Scheels, Bass Pro, Best Finish Auto, F.U.N. BASS, Wood's Sporting Goods and Levi Mathews Family. Thank you to EVERYONE!!